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How Physiotherapy Promotes Pain Relief

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For people suffering from physical conditions and illnesses that cause pain, there are many pain solutions available to help eliminate or greatly reduce pain and promote healing. Physiotherapy is one method of achieving pain relief. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to treat injuries and accompanying pain. Physiotherapists are able to perform tests to identify the problem and design and implement the correct treatment plan. By concentrating on specific musculoskeletal system areas such as the spine, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, etc., that are impacted by pain, a physiotherapist can develop a treatment plan that helps a patient achieve pain relief and recover much faster. The following is a list of the various pain relief treatments that can be administered by a physiotherapist:

Therapeutic Exercises

Physiotherapists use specific exercises that are designed to promote quicker recovery and alleviate pain. The exercises help improve muscle control and increase muscle strength and flexibility. For instance, Postural Training and Core Stability Exercises Training are types of therapeutic exercises used by physiotherapists. Postural training helps to improve posture and reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain and injury. Core Stability Exercises involves specific therapeutic exercises designed to help the body to re-learn correct movement patterns by activating specific core muscles. It helps with re-teaching the body to move in the correct way to reduce pain and promote healing of the injured area.

Medical Massage

Physiotherapists can employ medical massage techniques to alleviate pain and promote healing.For instance, athletes will receive sports massages which is a form of physiotherapy. This type of massage focuses on a specific injured area such as the back, shoulder, or knee. It is designed to improve strength and endurance, promote flexibility, and relieve pain. A deep tissue massage is another type of medical massage. This type of massage focuses on the deep layers of the muscles. It targets tight knots and alleviates muscle tension which makes it very effective at alleviating pain and promoting muscle relaxation.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is another pain relief technique employed by physiotherapists. This treatment involves high frequency sound waves being generated and used to promote healing and alleviate pain. Physiotherapists will use ultrasound to treat neuroma, arthritis, and more.

Ergonomics Training

Ergonomics training helps to prevent pain resulting from poor posture when sitting, repetitive movements, and when sitting at a office desk for many hours. Physiotherapists can teach patients how to maintain proper posture to prevent muscle pain, back spasms, tightness of the muscles, and body aches in such areas as the neck, shoulders and lower back.


As a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment technique used to manage long-term and acute pain, Electrotherapy can also be used to stimulate muscle fibre contraction through the application of electro- acupuncture point stimulation.

Physiotherapists are medical professionals that treat a broad range of injuries and associated pain. The above list is just a small sample of the beneficial treatment methods that help not just relieve pain, but also promote body healing.


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